Hi! I am a father of two, and a husband of one. I am here to write about kids and their eating habits, eating schedules, eating tantrums, eating tears, eating bribes and everything else related to eating.

So why is a father writing this? Why can’t a mother with some feeding experience write? Fair enough. To begin with, kids and eating is mom’s territory. Mostly. I am not trying to stereotype. I just think it is. It’s always the mom who takes care of the menu. And in my case, it’s not any different too. It’s the mommy who decides. And I am the one who frets. I am a classic back seat driver. Did they eat on time? Are they eating the right things? Is it hygienic? Was it refrigerated? I can just go on and on, literally fry my wife’s brain, and then eat it too.

So yeah! The way I fret, and the research that happens after that, qualifies me to write, I guess. So here we go.

It was different for our generation and the generations before us. Our folks had it simple? They would make the dish and then ask, “Will you eat?” It was a multiple-choice question. We could choose Yes or No. A “NO” would then probably meet a cold stare, a verbal threat or a long cane and then magically turn into YES.
Today, it’s about Kids VS Carbs, Proteins, Calories, Saturated fat, saturated parents. And then you have GMOs, MDMs, gluten, lactose, preservatives, more preservatives, colours, sugar, etc.

It’s no easy task. Now you know why I fret.

Anyway, this first blog of exquisite writing and cutting edge insights was all about establishing my credentials, or lack thereof. The next blog will be about MDM. What’s MDM? Well it’s an unpleasant truth that’s there in your food. Something that will make you fret.

That’s all from the fretty father, for now! See you around.