I am back, and so are school days. Waking up at 5:30 a.m. is back. ‘What will I put in my kids’ lunch box?’ is back. The way I see it, the “Back to Back” challenges are back. And because of all this, the headache is back.

So what’s the biggest headache?

What will my kids eat? The bus comes at 6:30 a.m. So what should they eat? Or should they eat at all so early in the morning? What should they eat for the first break? What should they eat for lunch? They don’t eat what they should eat. And I don’t want them to eat what they want to eat. So what should they eat? Confusing, right? You bet!

Now, every day has become a power struggle!

What my kids should eat comes back uneaten (if that’s even a word). And then because they have to eat something, my better half and me succumb to their demands and give them something to eat, knowing very well it’s not good for them. Having done that, I start questioning my parenting skills. I feel guilty, slightly depressed that I am not being a good parent. And when I am depressed I eat. And I eat what I should not eat.

In short, my kids drive me to eat what I should not eat. Do you get the irony of this all?

So what next?

I don’t know. I am still experimenting. But I need help. I need you readers out there to share if anything works for you – what you make, how you make it and how you convince your kids to eat it. And by anything, I mean anything. Of course, one can Google it out, but then one tends to trust someone who is sharing a personal experience.

So yeah, HELP! Fretty Father’s fretting. Hopefully I get to see some authentic, healthy, easy to make recipes in the comments section below. I just want to see my kids eat and eat the right things. Remember, you would not just be helping me, you’ll also be helping the fellow readers.

That’s all for today. And as I always do, I’ll be back soon with one of my other frets. Till then, live it up and say no to MDM.