Hey. Welcome back to another edition of the Fretty Father. Today I am going to make you go IDBI. IDBI, I guess is my own TLA creation, and will wallow in self joy, till some 13year old comes and say DUH! Oh! BTW, IDBI means ‘I Don’t Believe It’.

So, get ready for an unhealthy serving of IDBI.

MDM means Mechanically Deboned Chicken-Meat. Which in simple terms means meat made out of the puree of Crushed Bones. Yucks… Disgusting… Wack… you keep going, I’ll give you a moment to reflect… And we are back… Is that even possible?! Yes! Apparently, you can crush bones, make a puree out of it that tastes and feels like meat. Then from this puree, you can make sausages or nuggets or burgers… basically anything and everything. And CYBT (can you believe that), for some reason, manufacturers don’t even have to declare it in the ingredients list. Yes, it’s legal!!!

So how do I know my product has MDM? For starters, look at the sausages, if they look red to you and it’s mighty cheap, it has MDM. Usually, if the packaging does not say “No MDM”, chances are it has.

I bet you never knew that. And right now, you are wondering how did I ever give my loved ones something so disgusting. It’s never too late. The next time you buy a chicken product, just Look out for the No MDM declaration on the packaging. ASAT (as simple as that)

Time for me to go home to my kids. In my next blog, I’ll talk about something that I feel like writing at that point in time.

Till then BYE, TC and HF. And yes, feel free to use my abbrvtns.